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Mid Atlantic Hoops Spring/Summer 2014

17 Under/11th Grade Travel Teams 

 Published: Week 1: April 16'2014  Week 2: April 23'2014  Week 3: April 30'2014

Rank Team City/State League Affiliation Last Week Outlook


Boston, Massachusetts 10up (4-0)

Defeated then #13 Baltimore Elite (MD) 54-46; Defeated Howard Pulley (MN) 56-45; Defeated The Family (MI) 58-47; defeated then #12 Expression Elite (MA) 57-54


Team Final

Pennsylvania 3up (3-1)

Defeated Travelers (KY) 96-95; Lost to CIA Bounce (CAN) 63-65;  defeated then #4 Playaz (NJ) 74-64, defeated Meanstreets (IL) 74-52


NJ Playaz

Patterson, NJ 4up (2-2)

Defeated then #12 Expression (MA) 64-51; defeated then #2 Team Scan (NY) 59-55; lost to then #3 Team Final (PA) 64-74; lost to King James (OH) 61-73


Team Scan


Bronx, New York 2 down (2-2)

Defeated CIA Bounce (CAN) 46-45; lost to then #4 Playaz (NJ) 55-59; defeated Meanstreets (IL) 50-42; lost to Team Texas Elite 55-62 


New Heights

New York 11up (6-0)

Defeated then unranked Baltimore Finest (MD) 65-43; defeated NJ roadrunners (NJ); defeated Team Thad (TN); defeated Karolina Diamonds; defeated Atlanta Express (GA); defeated then #19 Team Philly (PA)


Mass Rivals

Massachusetts 6none (4-0)

Defeated Milwaukee Revels (WI) 69-66; defeated Michigan Mustangs 70-42; NW Panthers (WA) 71-67; defeated MBA 82-61; defeated New Orleans Elite (LA) 66-50;


NY Lightning

New York 14up (2-2)

Defeated then #5 Boo Williams (VA) 62-56; lost to E1T1 (FL) 60-70; lost to Athletes First (OK) 47-58; defeated Team United (NC) 76-60


Boo Williams

Hampton, Virginia 5down (3-1)

Lost to then #14 NY Lightning (NY) 56-62; defeated Baltimore Elite (MD) 75-56; defeated Howard Pulley (MN) 69-53; defeated The Family (MI) 68-52


Team Philly

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19up (5-1)

Defeated Brampton Warriors; defeated BBA Hoops; defeated Team Breakdown (FL); defeated then #23 Sports U (NJ); defeated then #9 Dc Premier & Lost to then #11 New Heights (NY)


Team Loaded

Richmond, Virginia 7down (4-1)

Lost to Stackhouse Elite 46-47; defeated Texas D1 Ambassador 72-45; defeated Gateway 52-47; defeated Southern Elite 64-52; defeated Michigan Mustangs 83-54


Dc Premier

Washington, DC 9down (3-1)

Defeated Atlanta Express (GA) 56-43; defeated then #26 Squires Richmond (VA); defeated then #8 NE England Playaz; lost to then #19 Team Philly (PA)


NY Rens

New York 20up (4-1)

Defeated Minnesota D1 (MN) 70-67; defeated Game Point 64-60, defeated Colorado Hawks 61-52; lost to Stackhouse Elite 67-78; defeated Florida Elite 69-68


City Rocks

Albany, New York 18up (2-2)

Defeated Nike team Florida 57-56; lost to Team Penny (TN) 62-69;  lost to Southern Stampede (GA) 56-70; defeated Playground Elite (WI) 54-50


Team Takeover

Washington, DC 1down (1-2)

Lost to Indy Spiece (IN) 67-90; lost to Alabama Challenge (AL) 72-74; defeated Georgia Stars 74-65


Expression Elite

Massachusetts 12down (1-3)

Lost to then #4 Playaz (NJ) 51-64; defeated Meanstreets (IL) 53-52; lost to Team Texas Elite (TX) 58-63; lost to then #10 BABC (MA) 54-57


Sports U

New Jersey 23down (2-2)

Lost to Team Charlotte (NC) 56-61; defeated Team Florida; lost to then #16 Team Philly;  defeated then #8 New England Playaz; Vs then #17 We R 1


New England Playaz

Massachusetts 8down (3-2)

Defeated 6th Man Warriors, defeated Team Price, defeated then #16 Philly Pride, lost to then #9 Dc Premier; lost to then #23 Sports U


Baltimore Elite

Baltimore, Maryland 13down (0-4)

Lost to then #10 BABC (MA) 46-54; lost to Boo Williams (VA) 56-75; lost E1T1 (fl) 57-78; lost to Athletes First (OK) 54-63


Jersey Shore Warriors

New Jersey 15down (2-3)

Lost to Team Breakdown (FL) 47-60; defeated WV Wildcats; lost to Team Charlotte; defeated Team Loaded (757); lost to Team Thad (TN)


WV Wildcats

West Virginia Independent NRup (4-1)

Defeated Team Takeover Orange; defeated PSB Select; lost to then # Jersey Warriors; defeated East Coast Fusion; defeated then #25 The City (NY).

21. The City New York 25up (2-2)

Defeated then #16 Philly Pride (PA) 79--61; lost to Team Loaded (757); defeated QC United; lost to WV Wildcats 


Baltimore Finest

Baltimore, Maryland


NRup (2-2)
Lost to then #11 New Heights (NY); defeated then #29 Team Bounce (PA); defeated then # We R 1; lost to Hoop Dreams (KY);

Philly Pride

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 16down (2-2)

Lost to then #25 The City (NY) 61-79; lost to then #8 New England Playaz; defeated then #26 Squires Richmond; defeated Team Florida;


Juice All Stars

Brooklyn, New York 21down (2-2)

Defeated Carolina Wolves (SC) 83-77, defeated LVBR; lost to Hoop Dreams (KY); lost to then #17 We R 1


We R 1

Delaware 17down (2-2)

Lost to Team Thad (TN) 60-75; defeated PA Renegades; Lost to previously NR Baltimore Finest;  defeated then #21 Juice All Stars (NY); Vs then #23 Sports U (NJ);


Squires Richmond

Richmond, Virginia Independent 26up (2-2)

Defeated NJ Got Game; defeated Middlesex Magic, lost to then #9 Dc Premier, lost to then #16 Philly Pride

27. Team Bounce Pittsburgh, PA Independent 29up (4-1)

Defeated Raritan Round ballers; defeated LA Rockfish; lost to Baltimore Finest; defeated PA renegades; defeated Team Felton (SC)


Middlesex Magic

Massachusetts Independent NRup (3-1)

Defeated then #22 Maryland 3D, lost to then #26 Squires Richmond; defeated Team price; defeated Team Melo (MD)


Maryland 3D

Severn, Maryland Independent 22down (2-1)

lost to Middlesex Magic; defeated NJ Got Game; defeated 6th Man Warriors


Virginia Elite

Virginia Independent 28down (1-3)

Defeated Philly Triple Threat; lost to Karolina Diamonds; lost to Cecil Kirk; lost to Tennessee Chosen Few


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